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“That’s the way for me to create every bag, unique and original. A strong personality derived from a wise manufacturing and a skillful dyeing of the skin, obtaining bags always different among the others”

- Says Mariaelena -
thinking to the creation of every collection

Mialuis is a company of handmade bags totally Made in Italy, founded by the architect Mariaelena Mallone that in 2010 realized her dream.

The name of the company was a family affair: Mariaelena’s mother had the idea put together a part of her name (LUIS) and the tender nickname of her daughter (MIA) , creating a new name, evocative of their own past.

Sensations of Mariaelena Mallone become a new project and design: people met, visited place, food and wine tasted with someone or somewhere, transform every time her archive of ideas into a little trick, a great magic.

Each bag of Mialuis’ collections is the special result of the secret receipt realized ad hoc by a colour master.

Talent and creativity, fantasy and ability, brain and hands together : each bag for Mialuis is a storyteller. Bags thought for women who love fashion style and pragmatism at the same time and who find in quality one of the distinctive touch of their life.

For each bag realized by Mialuis there is a name referred to a real woman or a man, who leaved a trace in the designer’s life:

“some characteristics follow us like a fil rouge throughout the different collections, across the years, but every time becoming a different things, thanks to some new invention, different tricks , our permanent desire to test new solutions. Soft, thin and handy, this is the right way thinking to our bags. They must be a necessary part of every person decides to dress them. A fundamental accessory for women, who want to choose them for their daily routine”

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