The values of Mialuis

Mariaelena Mallone


The values of Mialuis are born from the private and professional life of the designer Mariaelena Mallone.

Mialuis was born from the need to interpret and enhance being a woman.
Beyond any trivializing stereotype, women are complex and sophisticated: open to change and with the ability to bring together intuition and logic, heart and head.
Both in the private sphere, as in the professional one, attention to the other and ability to feel empathy, leads them to seek deep and authentic interpersonal relationships. At the same time, it makes them inclined to confront and exchange, encouraging collaboration and mutual help.

Mialuis is committed to testifying and transmitting the values ​​of women through a product in fashion, choosing soft vegetable-tanned materials and leathers. Through the softness of its products, it wants to express women's attitudes and sensitivity as well as their adaptability.


Mialuis recognizes the potential of the values of every human being and believes that, by enhancing them in the correct way, they can bring about changes not only in the small, but also globally.

To enhance this strength, Mialuis takes inspiration from people, transforming it into a product with unusual shapes their gesture or a friendship bond. To pay homage to the person who left a mark, each bag has its name: Nerina, a professor of economics, or Cloudy, a young friend, still Pilli, a cousin or Ferdi, a collaborator.

Lo staff
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“Knowing how to step into the other's shoes without effort, instinctively negotiating an interaction with another person in such a way as not to hurt, or offend, in any way, by lending attention to feelings"
"(...) tune in spontaneously and naturally with the other's thoughts and feelings, whatever it is. (...)"

- Cit. S. Baron-Cohen. -

Mialuis believes that female empathy facilitates interpersonal relationships: this attitude makes them moderators, encouraging collaboration and mutual support.
Each of us expresses a voice that must be heard and to which value must be attributed. The comparison within Mialuis is the basis of good working relationships, but openness to the outside, listening to and welcoming "other" voices, allows the brand to renew itself and enhance diversity.


Mialuis Corporate Social Responsibility has women at the center and is committed to supporting the principles of equal opportunities. This is a particularly important commitment in a context such as the Italian one, characterized by low levels of female employment and often unfavorable working conditions. Promoting and ensuring equal opportunities in the labor market means tackling all forms of gender-based discrimination.
It also means stimulating creativity resulting from the synthesis of different points of view.

How Mialuis operates to give substance to the principles of equal opportunities

Inside the company

  • It helps the hiring of women. It supports their needs to reconcile tasks and responsibilities in the family and at work, ensuring flexibility in working hours. It facilitates them during the maternity period, in the belief that being a mother is not a limit, but a responsibility for growth and a better future.
  • Consider diversity as a value that generates wealth;
  • Promote a positive atmosphere within your staff to encourage better collaboration.
  • It restores trust in collaborators in the belief that everyone's potential should be enhanced for themselves and for the company.
  • Encourages constructive communication between employees and collaborators, so that their needs can converge.

Outside the company

Women are the key to the future because they build it and "grow" it. This is the founding principle of Mialuis, practiced in the company and transmitted externally.
Charity activities supporting local non-profit organizations constitute a brand commitment, aimed at promoting women's health and supporting women in their role as mothers, intended as a common good for the family and the community as a whole.

What Mialuis does:

September 26th, 2019

September 26th, 2019

Event in favor of the "Medicine for Women" Foundation. The 15% of the proceeds were donated to the non-profit organization, born in 2009 with the aim of "putting the latest scientific discoveries and technological evolution at the service of women's health, with a bio-psycho-social approach that goes beyond pathology, with increasingly specialized treatments that start from prevention and awareness that health starts with lifestyles. " Prof. Chiara Benedetto.

December 5th,  2019

December 5th, 2019

Event in favor of the Paideia Foundation. 15% of the proceeds are was donated to the "Equally Different“ project. It was a cycle of meetings dedicated to mothers to offer them a space for sharing and comparison, an opportunity to be together rediscovering the importance of moments dedicated to themselves.

From March 12th, 2020

From March 12th, 2020

All online sales activities are in favor of the Molinette Onlus Research Foundation. The 15% of the value obtained is donated to the non-profit organization for aid against the Covid-19 emergency.