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Role Model

Female role models have an amplified impact on girls and women, particularly in fields long dominated by men. We brought into light successful women stories to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and reach their career goals. 

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Mariacristina Gribaudi

Mariacristina is an entrepreneur originally from Turin, currently in Conegliano Veneto and mother of six children. Since 2015, President of the Venice Civic Museums Foundation.

She does not call herself a successful woman but a resilient woman.

Quoting her words: "I never asked myself the question of whether to work or not, I grew up seeing women work, my model were mothers of children who have always given their contribution to the activity of their husbands." (Taken from La Repubblica , May 2019).

Working and organizing the life of six children has cost her years of efforts to balance work and family, but they have made her a formidable organizer, both in private and professional life.

For her, factory and culture are closely connected worlds: this is why she strongly wanted the Museum of the Key within her company.

The same strength has been transmitted to the Venice Civic Museums Foundation: looking around, it has decided to enhance people, especially women, and their talent.

We will give you a virtual tour to the Civic Museums of Venice. 
Enjoy your visit!



Francesca Suman

Francesca is a doctor from Molinette Hospital in Turin and mother of two children. From one day to the next, the department in which she works has turned into a Covid-19 department. She did not lose heart and bravely faced the new challenge.

Thanks to her adaptability, she continues to give her best, overcoming all obstacles.

Quoting her words: "I do not call myself a hero, but a professional who does his job at best, as do many of my colleagues."

She is a woman with a lot of energy and very concrete and who wants to know her deeply, discovers her sweet and empathic side: all peculiarities that make her a professionist with patients and a great mother at home.

Every day, Dr. Suman brings her concrete and strong character to the ward and family, which gives confidence to those around her, as well as to the collaborators of the Fondazione Ricerca Molinette Onlus and of A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza of Turino.

We invite you to deepen the values ​​and projects of the Fondazione Ricerca Molinette Onlus. Have a good search!



Valeria Ferrero

Valeria is a manager of the Ersel Sim group, a company specialized in the management of large estates since 1936.

She is the Referent of the Piedmont Delegation of the Bellisario Foundation, a network of merit for the inclusion and representation of women and founded by Lella Golfo with the aim of supporting the growth of the country. The Foundation has been committed for years, on a daily basis, to gender equality, following Marisa Bellisario's values ​​and thoughts: “My optimism and my certainties derive from two things: I am ready to face changes and challenges and I think we can have a better tomorrow than today because much depends on us. "

Valeria, thanks to her passion and dedication, has managed to create a cohesive and dynamic group that involves very different women, instilling confidence and bringing out the attitude of each.

Rational optimism allows her to have clear plans for the future: the support of women in their personal and professional lives, the enhancement of talent and skills and the concrete achievement of equal gender opportunities.

According to Valeria, collaborationinclusion and flexibility are the fundamental characteristics for achieving the goal. Nobody should be left behind, it is important to create a solid and effective network!

Valeria's great ambition is to see relationships between women and men based on mutual respect: great women and great men, always next to each other.

We invite you to explore the values ​​and projects of the Bellisario Foundation. Enjoy your visit!


Angela Carini

“For an athlete, the Olympic Games are the definitive proof of his value. I believe in it and I will achieve what I want. “

The determination has always been the winning card of Angela Carini, athlete of the Italian National Elite Women's Boxing, World Vice-champion and agent of the Sports Group of the Gold Flames. Born in Naples in 1998, Angela crossed the threshold of Boxing Matesina at just 14 years of age, after the results achieved at a national level in the clay pigeon shooting, to demonstrate to her father Peppe, her great "hero", that she could also challenge the ring. And so in a short time the young boxer has made herself known by winning three European golds and the world gold Youth in Taipei in 2015 in the category of 69 kg. On the top of the world with a special dedication to Judge Giovanni Falcone and his policemen, having put the medal around her neck on the anniversary of the tragic event. The second challenge won by the young boxer was to become a police officer.

 “I love seeing myself in uniform and in the ring and then untie my hair on a silk blouse. When I go up to the square I take off the princess crown for a moment and wear the warrior gloves and this makes me proud and proud of myself. In boxing, being a woman is an added value. The awareness of the strength that the female body can possess helps to act in a concrete and more responsible way. For this reason, noble art is a sport for women of character, determined, women who want to change and improve the world not only with words but with deeds “.

Debora Corbi

Debora Corbi is Major of the Italian Air Force, she was born in Rome.

A few years ago she was called "the mother of all female soldiers".

Why? She had an ambitious dream, one of those with a capital letter D that seemed truly unattainable. Twenty years ago, introducing a law that allowed women to enroll was a difficult undertaking. Her stubbornness, his desire to succeed, his great desire to be part of one of the most important institutions in our country have done the rest.

To quote her words to our question "Male soldier or female soldier?": "It is the same, it is not words that make the difference. My story is a particular one that begins in the 1990s, when Law 380/99 which allowed Italian women to join the Armed Forces did not exist. It all began in 1992, with participation in a military life experiment involving 30 Italian women who, like me, had the same motivation. That participation made my belief even stronger, enlisting was all I wanted. In 1995, together with some of the participants in the experiment, I decided to found an association to promote a law that would allow women to be enrolled in the Armed Forces, through a strong and concrete solicitation towards public opinion but, above all, of the real protagonists in legislation: political forces ".

 "In 1999 the turning point, the approval of the law that since 2000 has started the recruitment of women. Italy was the last NATO country to open barracks to female personnel and this was a great victory for the Italian women, for those who want to join but also for the others, because it is really important to have the opportunity to choose which profession to carry out. And I am proud to have put so much effort into it, because I know that today Italian women also contribute to the defense of our wonderful country and the results are on everyone's eyes, even in these days when we are all involved in the Covid-19 emergency ”.

Many changes have occurred in twenty years. It is now normal to meet a military woman, but once again in Italy this type of female progress has been made possible thanks to the commitment on the front line of women, the demonstration, once again that associations were the only possible weapon to succeed in an area that until only twenty years ago was male prerogative.

Married to an Air Force pilot, mother of a ten-year-old son, in love with his work and his Armed Forces, today he is passionately involved in managing the Air Force's social pages. For her this "is an exciting job" that allows her to tell citizens about what the Air Force does every day for the good of the country.

Virginia Tiraboschi

Virginia was born and raised in Ivrea, into a family of workers. Tenacity, determination and sense of duty owes them to his father Francesco, while his mother Antonietta instills her radiance, positivity and creativity.

After his studies and several work experiences, which shape his character, versatility and adaptability, she began a professional career in the Public Administration and for over twenty years, she held prestigious positions.

Her work led her to travel abroad: in 2006 as a representative of the City of Turin and Piedmont for the organization of the Winter Olympic Games; in 2014, as CEO of an investment fund specialized in the tourism industry.

In 2010, Virginia was chosen for her aptitudes to coordinate complex projects of international scope and became Director of the Culture, Tourism and Sport sector. She contributes significantly to transforming the region into a coveted and attractive tourist destination for large international flows.

In August 2014, the change: Virginia accepts the offer to lead, as CEO, from the heart of the Langhe, the San Maurizio 1619 group, a company that manages hotels, restaurants and spas located in Italian "top locations" and European, addressing their services above all to a sophisticated and demanding international clientele.

The reference to her territory remains very strong: in the first months of 2018, she was asked to stand for the imminent political elections in the senatorial college of Ivrea and Canavese. Virginia accepts the challenge and on March 4th 2018 she is elected, first, with almost 120,000 preferences.

Here it is, therefore, to lend its service to the Italian Republic, representing a territory that it has never abandoned. In fact, Virginia returned to Ivrea every weekend to find her mother, relatives, friends and not to lose the deep bond with her city and its inhabitants.

Despite her assignments and responsibilities, Virginia remains close to people, listening to them and giving importance to their voice. Her empathy and humanity have allowed her to carry out important projects. It is no coincidence that one of her favorite phrases is "the head in Europe and the heart in the territory", a claim extraordinarily summarized by the visionary project IcoValley which sees her as the creator and first promoter of public and private institutions.

In recent years, moreover, Virginia has developed a great interest and considerable knowledge of the digital world, convincing itself of the relevance of this asset as a competitive lever of the Country System for its economic and cultural relaunch: in this sense, its membership of the 10th Commission ranks Senate Permanent (Industry, Commerce, Tourism).

Today Virginia, an entrepreneur in the wellness and cosmetics sector, combines experience and competence, passion and creativity, empathy and humanity; qualities that many have appreciated in Virginia, choosing it not only as a political representative, but also as a business partner, friend, inspirer and reference figure. Tommaso Moro would call her "a woman for all seasons", who knows her simply calls her Virgy.

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Ilaria Bonacossa

Ilaria Bonacossa, previously Director of Artissima, Turin International Contemporary Art Fair, Ilaria has been working in the world of international art for almost twenty years. Graduated in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Milan, after obtaining a Master in Curatorial Studies at Bard College (USA), she worked in New York at the Whitney Biennial. After 8 years as curator of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation in Turin, from 2012 to 2017 she was Artistic Director of the Civic Museum Villa Croce in Genoa. In 2013 she curated the project of Katrin Sigurdardottir at the Iceland Pavilion of the Venice Biennale. She was a member of the technical committee for the acquisitions of FRAC Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur in Marseille, of the steering committee of the PAC in Milan and director of the international Artist's Pension Trust program.

In 2007 she was a member of the jury for the Golden Lion of the 52nd Venice Art Biennale and in 2013 of the jury for the prize of the Inamori Foundation in Kyoto.

She is now at the helm of the all-female team of Artissima, with which she works tirelessly so that the fair lives 365 days a year as a brand activating cultural projects as well as a great event.

To those who ask her if it is right to call her "(male) Director" or "(female) Director" she replies: "I grew up in a large matriarchal family. From 1900 to 2011 only women were born in our house, all with strong characters and a little talk that makes family reunions very noisy and lively! With my seven cousins we are like sisters ... I don't think that being called "(male)Director" can give me more prestige ... the word " (female) Director" exists: let's use it! "

In her work she combines a critical-artistic competence with a managerial vision. 

She loves to get excited in front of the works of art exhibited in galleries, fairs and museums, curate exhibitions, work with artists and visit their studios, and, at the same time, strongly believes in digital development as a tool to support art and artists.

From this vision was born FONDAMENTA, a new online project of the fair, now visible on, which Artissima has developed to offer its galleries, the heart and center of the fair, an additional opportunity to contact the public of lovers art.

The project does not want to be outlined as a viewing room, neither a virtual fair, nor an exhibition. Confirming the curatorial brand that characterizes Artissima, Fondamenta presents itself rather as a recognition of contemporary artistic research.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, Fondamenta presents about 200 works, one per gallery, on virtual pages imagined as ideal bearing walls. Each wall corresponds to a section: Present Future, curated by Ilaria Gianni and Fernanda Brenner; Back to the Future, curated by Lorenzo Giusti and Mouna Mekouar; Drawings, curated by Letizia Ragaglia and Bettina Steinbrügge; New Entries, curated by Valerio Del Baglivo; Main Section, on this occasion curated by Ilaria herself.

You can have fun discovering Fondamenta.

Have a good virtual trip!


Gaia Brunelli

Gaia Brunelli is a sports journalist. Born and raised in Milan, she currently works as a commentator and sent to Sky Sport and recently started a Podcast project with the Sole24ore linked to the career of ten women Italian athletes as an approach to the Tokyo Olympics.

She lives with his partner with whom she shares a passion for sport and travel. Whether for work or pleasure, Gaia loves traveling the world to learn about its culture and customs. The thrill of leaving for a new project or a new country is its driving force.

At Sky Sport, she mainly deals with football and tennis and, specifically, has been the first voice of women's football for two years.

In Italy, she is also the only female male football commentator.

Gaia is very close to women's sport: her goal is to give it the visibility it deserves. Check out Gaia's commentary at the Milan - Juve women's football match!